Tables Matter
19 Daggett Rd Greenwood, Arkansas 72936
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Bringing beauty and style to every one of your special events!

Tables Matter was formed in January 2007 in Greenwood, Arkansas. The concept for our business originated from a very simple idea. Every summer, our family had a yard sale to generate extra spending money for our family vacation. To prepare for our annual yard sale, we always had to borrow tables from numerous locations, AND also had to borrow a vehicle to pick up the tables. It was always a time consuming hassle! To make things even worse, after our two day yard sale was over... and we were completely tired... we still had to load up the tables and take them back to their respective homes. After getting frustrated with the whole process each year, we made the statement "we would PAY someone to rent us tables, deliver them, and come back to pick them up when the sale was over!" Six months later.... we started our business... Tables Matter!

It all began with a desire to make it easy for families to have a profitable yard sale. That's where it all started... but that''s definetely not where it ends. We now specialize in elegant and affordable weddings, receptions, parties and corporate events. We have quickly become a premier provider of wedding rentals serving communities in Western Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, and the Arkansas River Valley. Our business continues to grow and we are continually blessed and reminded that TABLES (and Chairs) REALLY DO MATTTER! We appreciate your business!


Scott, Patty and Nate Medlin, Owners